The truth or dare Game

The truth or dare game has been in existence since time immemorial with a variant being traced back to ancient Greece (Questions and Commands). Basically, it is a party game that can be played by all age groups irrespective of gender. The rules of the game are simple and straight forward, and these are set by group members who are willing to participate. If being played online, then participants must reach a mutual agreement prior to proceeding. Overall, one member takes a turn answering a “truth” or performing a “dare”. The question asked or dare performed will always vary based on age and how wild or funny players want the game to be.

How the game is played
The game starts with members agreeing that they actually want to play the game and set rules of which they must obey. Thereafter, penalties for those who break the rules are clearly outlined in order to make truth or dare game much more interesting. It’s important to note that both the rules and penalties must suit the players’ age so everyone can have fun.

The players agree on how they will take turns in the game-and this can either be from the youngest to the oldest or the other way round. Nevertheless, this can also be random so that the game becomes more enjoyable. One player has to choose truth or dare. The truth questions must be answered correctly without hesitation-and of course, penalties will apply to any group member who is caught telling lies. On the other hand, if a dare is chosen and player refuses to perform it then definitely he will be punished too.

The best thing about truth or dare is that it’s not time limited neither does it have counters. For this reason, it can be played as long as members are willing to continue having fun. Take note that some rules include time a player should take to answer a question or perform a dare. As a matter of fact, all members of the the group to be like minded and comfortable with questions asked and dares.

Truth or Dare: Age group Defined
As stated before, players must be like minded in order to enjoy the game. This why there are some dares and questions will be received well with teens but have the opposite effect on adults. For instance, asking a teen to stick his or her foot in the toilet and flush might be great. However, this might not go so well with persons who are above the age of 50 years. If you ask an adult a question like; have you ever been in police custody? That will be easy to respond depending on that particular situation.

Key facts and tips
It is of utmost importance that you get god questions and fun dares to be performed. Your rules should be simple to follow and the penalties not so harsh to make the game more interesting. Importantly, you can always add exceptions to the rule so that some members do not feel cornered playing the game. Last but not least, always remember that this is a game and questions answered and dares performed are best left behind closed doors.